Smokey Bear Birthday 2018

The Smokey Bear birthday for this year was held Sunday, August 5 from 12 to 4 at the Discovery Center at Caledonia State Park. Smokey was there to cut the birthday cake and visit.


Many thanks to the following:

  • Walmart Chambersburg for the decorated cake and sub sandwiches
  • McDonald’s of Chambersburg for the drink
  • The staff of Caledonia State Park
  • Phil Bietsch of the Michaux State Forest for the Smokey suit
  • Bob Rudy and Peter Linehan of PFHA

Summer 2018 Volunteer Signups

The weather is finally getting warmer and soon it will be the season for the Forest Heritage and Discovery Center at Caledonia State Park. We are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Please sign up for volunteer opportunities for the times using the links below.

The center is usually open from 1 to 5, but it can be opened earlier. If you have any questions contact me at

Smokey Bear Birthday Party 2017

In what is fast becoming an annual tradition we celebrated the Smokey Bear birthday party at the Forest Heritage Discovery Center on Sunday, August 6.

Below are more pictures:

The children seemed to really enjoy their visit with Smokey and the birthday cake, sub sandwiches, and orange drink. They also got to learn a little about forest conservation and fire safety!

It took the efforts of many people to make this event happen:

  • Bob Rudy organized the event, arranged for the donations and put on the Smokey suit.
  • Ranger Brandon Black accompanied Smokey and drove him around the park.
  • Charlie Meyers brought a box of plastic Smokey to distribute.
  • Joe Dague volunteered at short notice to run the Forest Heritage Center.
  • Peter Linehan helped out for the first part of the afternoon.
  • Walmart in Chambersburg donated the beautiful cake and the six-foot sub.
  • McDonald’s Delamor Enterprises donated the orange drink.

Smokey Birthday Party 2016

Yesterday’s Smokey Bear birthday party at the Forest Heritage Center at Caledonia State Park was a great success. Over 115 people came to wish Smokey a Happy Birthday and learn a little about wildfire safety and the story of forest conservation in Pennsylvania. Given that it was a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon, there were many visitors at the park, including families with children.

Many thanks to our sponsors: Walmart for the cake and sub, and McDonald’s for the drinks.

Thanks to our volunteers: Bob Rudy (sponsors and Smokey), Joe Dague (volunteer and firepump demonstrator), and Peter Linehan (volunteer).

Thanks to Caledonia State Park Director Phil Schmidt and Ranger Brandon Black for your help. And finally thanks to Phil Bietsch from Bureau of Forestry District 1 for helping us get the Smokey suit.